The Spiritual Path of the Seven Rays

The five workshops:

Masters of the 7 Rays

Archangels of the 7 Rays

Elohim of the 7 Rays

Chakra’s and the 7 Rays

The five higher rays and chakras

Workshop in Amsterdam 2023

The 5 higher rays and chakras

Dates and Lesson times: Saturday from 10.30 to 13.00 hour

Jan 7th:   8th Ray and 8th chakra / sea foam green-violet ray.
Febr 4th:  9th ray and 9th chakra / green-blue ray.
March 4th: 10th ray and 10th chakra / mother of pearl ray.
Apr 1st: 11th ray and 11th chakra / pink-orange ray.
May 6th.: 12th ray and 12th chakra / golden ray.
Jun 3rd.: Threefold flame in the heart / Rays Elohim forehead.
Jul 1st: Integration of the rays.

Costs: € 305,-

The infinite flow of Cosmic energy from the Divine Source flows consists of 7 revealed cosmic rays.

Every ray represents certain unique aspects and powers from the Divine Consciousness, that can be manifested in the entire Creation.

Every ray also has an unique vibrationfrequency and color.

The 1st ray is blue and represents Divine Will, will power, Divine plan and purpose, protection, dominion and power.

The 2nd Ray is gold-yellow and represents illumination, wisdom and consciousness.

The 3rd Ray is pink and represents Divine Love and inspiration.

The 4th ray is white. 
It is the ascension flame, the white fire nucleus that can be found within all rays.
This ray represents purity, harmony, balance and perfection.

The 5th ray is green. 
The ray is the manifestation of the Divine Truth, perfection and healing.

The 6th ray is purple with gold.
The ray is the ray of Peace, devotion, altruism and service.

The 7th ray is violet. 
This is the ray of freedom, forgiveness, compassion, magic, transmutation and purification of karma.

The seven spheres of the causal body.

Around the Great Central Sun are the 7 cosmic rays as seven spheres of Light.(Cosmic causal body).
After the birth of the soul in the white fire nucleus of the Great Central Sun, the soul travels for a long time through the 7 causal spheres and takes from each sphere the vibrations of the Divine Consciousness. The soul creates in this way around his own white fire nucleus, the causal body that contains the 7 spheres/rays. During her journey the soul collects from every sphere of the causal body talents /potentials that the soul will explore, develop and try to bring into manifestation during her incarnations.
The manifestation of these potentials is the purpose of the soul in the divine Plan. All positive experiences, energies and karmas are recorded in the causal body, so that the causal body can evolve and the potentials and powers of the 7 spheres / rays can manifest more and more completely until finally the soul gets complete mastery over the rays.

All bodies of a human are on one of seven rays. The physical, the emotional and the mental bodies have a certain ray. Also the personality has a specific ray. During the different incarnations, where the rays of the bodies change, the human learns to work with the energies of the different rays.

The soul body is on the same ray for many different incarnations. If the spiritual practitioner becomes more and more soul-infused and the soul energy starts to flow, he will be brought in connection with the ashram / the master of his soul ray.  First unconscious and later conscious.

By working with the Masters, the Archangels and the Elohim of the seven Rays, who achieved mastery over one of these rays, we can rise the light frequency of that specific ray, remove obstacles of that ray faster, in order to embody our powers and potentials of that ray. They can help us to get mastery over one ray and therefore to speed up our ascension process.
Ascension means to return to the heart of God, our white fire nucleus in the causal body. To accomplish the ascension and become one with the consciousness of the Divine, we need as a disciple on the path of the seven rays, accomplish mastery of all the seven rays. (karma has to be purified 51%).

Elohim of the seven rays

The Elohim are the highest representatives of the 7 Rays of the Divine Consciousness. They are at the highest level of the Cosmic Spiritual Hierarchy.
Together with the great Cosmic Beings, they have the most high concentration and the highest light frequency.

The seven great Elohim and their feminine partners are the biggest creators of the form. They go over the Creation of stars, planets and the physical life.
The 7 Elohim embody completely the spiritual vibration of the 7 rays. The light and the power of every ray is brought through the entire universe by the specific cosmic couple.

First ray: Elohim Hercules and Amazonia
Second ray: Elohim Apollo and Lumina
Third ray: Elohim Heros and Amora
Forth ray: Elohim Purity and Astrea
Fifth ray: Elohim Cyclopia and Virginia
Sixth ray: Elohim Peace and Aloha
Seventh ray: Elohim Arcturus and Victoria

The Archangels of the seven rays

The Archangels are the highest angels. They are messengers of the Light, light beings from the heavens, the mediators between heaven and earth. They work as guides, teachers, healers, protectors, transmitters of the cosmic, sun and planetary, the higher energies to the people. They help to build higher light frequencies in the bodies and they help to build the higher auric bodies.

The hierarchies or (arch)angels work constantly together with the Elohim, cosmic beings and masters to speed up the Divine plan.

First ray: Archangels Michael and Faith
Second ray: Archangels Jophiel and Christine
Third ray: Archangels Chamuel and Charity
Forth ray: Archangels Gabriel and Hope
Fifth ray: Archangels Raphael and Mary
Sixth ray: Archangels Uriel and Aurora
Seventh ray: Archangels Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst

The masters of the seven rays

Every Master of a Ray is an Ascended Master who has completed his Path on Earth and who has got all the initiations for the Ascension. The Master works as the Master Teacher for that Ray and he works to give the powers and energies of that ray to the Spiritual Hierarchy. to the Earth, and to help to assist in the manifestation of the Divine Plan for Humanity on Earth. The Master works continuously together with adepts, disciples and aspirants of the same Ray. When you work under the guidance of a Master/ Ashram, you are guided to control on your spiritual path the energies of that Ray and to manifest the potentials of the Ray, to do specific work on Earth.

1st Ray: Master El Morya

2nd Ray: Master Lanto

3th Ray: Master Paul de Venetiaan

4th Ray: Master serapis Bay

5th Ray: Master Hilarion

6th Ray: Master Sananda and Lady Nada

7th Ray: Master Saint Germain

The chakra’s and the seven rays

The vibrations from the seven rays come into our aura via the seven chakras.
The chakras are specifically connected with one of the seven rays. Through the chakras, we can communicate with our different auric bodies and with the different dimension and frequencies around us.
The Divine energies come down every day through our bodies and chakras to fill us with Divine light and energies. How more light we can keep in the chakras, the better we can manifest our powers and potentials from the causal body in our daily life.
Every chakra is connected with the light frequency and the color of one of the seven rays. The colors that are given for the chakras are the colors of a new age of Aquarius.

Basis chakra: 4th ray, white color.
Sacral chakra: 7th ray, violet color.
Sun coronal chakra: 6th ray, purple/gold color.
Heart chakra: 3rd ray, pink color.
Throat chakra: 1st ray, blue color.
Forehead chakra: 5th ray, green color.
Crown chakra: 2nd Ray, gold/yellow color.

The five Higher Rays and Chakras

The endless stream of cosmic energy coming from the Great Central Sun that flows through the entire universe, consists of seven manifested rays, which are well known since long ago in the esoteric schools and five Higher Rays that have been kept secret for a long time. The knowledge of the five Higher rays is again opened from the years ’70 and the rays shall be activated in coordination with the spiritual progression of humanity.

The five rays are connected to the higher chakras and the higher qualities of the first seven rays. The higher rays have a mysterious and multidimensional quality. Their influence produces a higher sensibility in the awareness and these rays purify and spiritualize our aura and body in a deeper level. They deepen our connection with the Soul and the Divine Essence.

In this block we shall work amongst others with the higher chakras, colours of the higher rays, the Masters, the Archangels and Elohim that connect to these rays.

8th ray:  Lady Nada- Archangel Auriel and Alena- Elohim Surya/ see-foam-green-violet ray.

9th ray: Lady Mary- Archangels Celestel and Celena – Elohim Hyperion/ green-blue ray.

10th. ray: Lady and Master Andromeda- Archangels Christiel and Christela- Elohim Kronos/ pearlmour ray.

11th ray: Lady Quan Yin- Archangels Soliel and Astrela- Elohim Cosmos/ rose-orange ray.

12th ray: Lady Pallas Athena- Archangels Virtuel and Vestrea- Elohim Regulus/ golden ray.

The tricolor flame in the Heart: flame of Divine Will, Wisdom and Love.

Integration of the 12 rays.


During the workshops we shall connect with the specific energies of the seven Rays, the Masters, the Archangels, the Elohim or the chakras. During the classes we shall work among others with meditation exercises, mantras, decrees for the specific rays, healing work, travel to the spiritual ashrams and retreats.

Every lesson has a theory part over the rays in connection with the specific Master, Elohim, Archangel or chakra’s.


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