The Spiritual Path is the path you walk to get to know yourself better and to become yourself. This is a path of gradual growth, change and transformation.

On this Path a person goes through different phases, where he experiences himself and feels and thinks about himself as:

  1. There is Nature and I am one with that
  2. I am. I exist as a body.
  3. I am emotions, wishes and pleasure.
  4. I am body, emotions and thoughts.
  5. I am Not the body, my emotions and thoughts.
  6. What am I?
  7. I am the Soul, the Divine essence.

To know ourselves better, so that we can become more and more ourselves and be in our latest stage as humans, it is important to get to know our subtle bodies and the kingdoms that are also connected with that.

It is important to realize that the physical body and the physical world only represents the 10% of our energies, where we are related to conscious or unconscious. The other 90% of our bodies are the subtle bodies that we can’t sense with the physical senses, but which play a big role in our lives and in our development.

The course consists of 10 lessons of three hours. Each lesson consists of a part of theory and a meditation related to the subject.

The lessons 2022 are on Saturdays from 10.30 to 13.30 hours.

Costs: € 395,-

Dates and subjects:

  • January 28th.: 
    Constitution of the human. Seven layers of matter and substance, permanent atoms.  Aspiration for perfection.
  • February 25th.:
    The Etheric body and the 10 pranas.
  • March 25th.: 
    The astral body, astral entities, control over the emotions.
  • April 22nd.:
  • The Mental Body.
  • May 27th.: 
    Transference of thoughts, thought centers, intuition, power of discrimination, concentration, meditation, contemplation.
  • June 24th.: 
    Antahkarana: manas (thinking mechanism), buddhi (intellect), ahamkara (ego), citta, the intuitive body.
  • September 23rd.: 
    The causal body, the ego and the Monad, birth of the Monad in the matter.
  • October 28th.: 
    Soul Groups  and the birth of the personality.
  • November 25th.: 
    Personality, Soul, Monad, Solar-Angel and Guides.
  • December 16th.: 
    The process of dying and life after the death, five stages of death, Devachanic  world / Higher worlds.