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Mukanday means Liberator. The word refers to one of the potentials of our Higher Self, our Soul or our spiritual consciousness. The purpose of our Higher Self is to shine the light to those parts of our personality, which are still not free, that are blocking the light. Which are obstacles that prevent us to become who we really are in essence. That essence is our inner source of Love and happiness that needs to flow naturally without energetic obstacles. Liberation is a constant process that takes place in our inner world, when we work to increase our wisdom and do practices to control and enlighten our mind. Spiritual paths and spiritual disciplines have the spiritual exercises (methods) to liberate ourselves.

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In this website, you can inform yourself of the possible courses and the individual practices that can optimize your own individual and spiritual growth.

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The Spiritual path is the way that you transit to know yourself even better, to become your real self. This is a path of gradual growth, change and transformation.

In 2024 there will be a Light-and Healingcircle once a month on a Saturday. We will work this year with the Angelhierarchies connected to the different Planetenergies.

This is a workshop where you learn to read the aura and heal together with the Archangels, so that you can give your own Angel Therapy sessions.