Angel Therapy Workshop

Angel Therapy is a method of reading and healing, where I work in a powerful way together with the Angels, the Archangels, Guides and Elohim of the light.

These beings of Light are capable to offer support by every life problem and by every question of life. They shine their light over the problem or the question, so that a new approach or solution can manifest in your life. Their suggestions and energetic support is always directed to manifest spiritual growth and positive change in your life.

During the reading can be observed disharmonies, obstacles and in depth patterns in your energy field, environment and/or relations.
When the issues are mentioned, it creates more clarity, understanding and recognition in your consciousness.

During the healing session we work together with the Angels and Guides of the Light to clear, heal and transform these obstacles, disharmonies and in depth patterns in your auric field, the environment and relations.
Because of this more light and positivity is build in your energy field and your consciousness. Your light frequency can be increased. Then it becomes possible to manifest your inner powers and potentials.
Angel therapy also restores your memory how to work together with this powerful beings of the light.

During an Angel Therapy session can for example be worked on:
1. The removal of energetic cords, entities, astral parasites, curses and implants with the help of the Archangel Michael.
2.  Healing of all levels of your being with Archangel Rafael.
3. Healing and opening of your heart chakra together with Archangel Chamuel.
4. To process experiences of loss and mourning or processing your own previous unhealed dead experiences from past lives with the Archangel Azrael.
5. To dissolve a relation problem with the help of Archangel Gabriel.
6. Healing of your inner child with the Archangel Gabriel and Mother Maria.
7. To dissolve the obstacles from your life path/ spiritual path together with the Archangel Michael and Uriel.

  1. To work with the sacred geometry and help by high sensitivity with the Archangel Metatron

Dates and lesson times in 2023:

Saturday from 10.00-13.00 hours. 
Jan. 7th ArchangelMichael

Febr. 4th. Archangel Rafael
Mar. 11th Archangel Sandalphon
Apr. 8th Archangel Metatron
May 6th. Archangel Azrael
Jun. 3rd. Archangel Gabriel
Jul. 1st. Archangel Ariel en de devas
Aug 5th. Archangel Zadkiel

Costs: €360,-

Wethouder Ramstraat 28, 1107CN Amsterdam South-East

For more information: Telephone 020 452 71 01 | E-mail: Hilda Heidsma

Jaren ervaring

Hilda Heidsma werkt al meer dan 30 jaar met Subtiele energieën, Engelen en Lichtwezens.

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