Light and healing circles 2024

Light and healing circles 2024

We work this year with the AngelHierarchies and Planetenergies

Also this year the Earth and humanity will go again through big transformations. Still higher light frequencies are being anchored on Earth and in humanity, so that the transition towards the Age of Aquarius can be completed.

The prediction for the Age of Aquarius is that a new golden Age shall emerge on Earth. A Golden Age is a time where human beings experience soul integration and/or the integration with their Monad and where the communication is open with the Ascended Masters, the world of the Angels and the Cosmic Beings. A world where humans stand in their own power, where humans live their Divine potentials and where group consciousness has developed. A world with much more light and love and purity.
To bring this prediction into outer manifestation, more work has to be done by the light workers, for themselves, for the Earth and for the progressive awakening of humanity. During the next circles of light we shall do more healing and light work to speed up these transformations.

Every month there will be one circle of light on a Saturday morning.

We start at 10.30h.

Amount for the energy interchange €15

Planned dates for 2024

January 13 th GuardianAngels and Solar-Angel – Energyblessings Earth

February 13th Angels – Energyblessings Moon

March 16th Archangels  – Energyblessings Mercury

April 13th Elohim Angels – Energyblessings Venus

May 18th Malachim Angels – Energyblessings Sun

June 15th Seraphim Angels – Energiyblessings Mars

July 6th Chasmalim Angels – Energyblessings Jupiter

September14th Aralim Angels – Energyblessings Saturn

October 12th Cherubim Angels – Energyblessings Uranus

November 16th Seraphim Angels – Energyblessings Neptunus

December  21st Angelhierarchis Integration meditation










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