Psychological Sessions

During the sessions we can work with every emotional, mental, spiritual, personality-relation issues and job related problems.

In the psychology of the Soul every problem is seen as a blockage, where the soul energy and the potential energies of the soul cannot flow.
Many persons have created deep patterns during this life and eventually also previous lives, which are related to deep beliefs over oneself and other people in the world.
These inner patterns have an impact and effect on the emotional world and that’s creates emotional and physical stress and tensions. This also influences how you experience others and the world around you. When these beliefs are not corrected, the patterns continue to grow and crystalize, unless you start to do your psychological and energetic work to change you own patterns.

During the psychological sessions we will work with counceling conversations, combined with energy work in order to let go the old beliefs, to change the deep patterns and therefore bring forward and consolidate the oppressed positive energies of the soul that the person in reality wants to manifest.

The sessions are always focused on personal empowerment and to bring forward the person’s inner powers and potentials.

Hilda is Psychologist and has many years of experience with the psychology of the Soul and energetic treatments and healing work

The session takes 1:1/2 hours and costs €100

Jaren ervaring

Hilda Heidsma werkt al meer dan 30 jaar met Subtiele energieën, Engelen en Lichtwezens.

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