Angellight Healingcircle

Angel-Light, Light and Healing group for the New Age.

A new era has started on Earth, a time that was predicted long ago. The holographic images that created our reality are changing rapidly by the increasing Light frequencies on Earth and in the Universe.

These Light frequencies which are still increasing, resonate through our entire aura and through the cellular structure of our body, to help release and purify old and deep rooted energies, and to replace them with higher and higher light substances. Old emotions, thought-patterns, self-sabotage, negative ego-identifications and system-thinking must be released, so that the Light and the potentials of the Higher-self can be manifested more and more through the bodily energies.

The purpose of this Light and Healing group is to heal ourselves deeply, our ancestors and the collective consciousness, to remove old patterns of ourselves and to create a more and more purified form; to increase our Light frequency, to build our Light body and to create a happier and more beautiful reality. To find and manifest our soul potential as part of our dharma and as gift to help to ascend the Earth and Humanity to the Light and to the manifestation of Heaven on Earth.

We will work with guided healing- and lightmeditations.

The Lightmeditations increase our Light frequencies, they help to create our Lightbody, they help to remove blockages so that the potentials of the Higher-Self can be experienced, purify the subconscious, improve the higher sensory perceptions, have a healing influence on the body and spirit.

In the lightmeditations we will work on the healing of all layers of the aura, the chakras, the structures of the Higher-Self and the physical body. To help release and transform old emotions, thoughtpatterns, negative ego identifications and system thinking.

This year we wil work in the healingcircles with the nine dimensions – 1D t/m 9D

Planned Data 2024:

The Light and Healing Meditations

 We shall work among others on the next subjects:


February 3th : 1D Earthcrystal

March 2 th : 2D Elementals, Lighttemples in the Earth

April 6th : 3D Inner Child/ Man/ Woman

May 4 th : 4D Ancestors, Collective Consciousness

June 8th : 4D Past liives, Black magic parts, contracts etc

July 13 th : 5D Pleiadians of the Light, Christ consciousness

September 8 th : 6D Sirian Archangels, Merkaba activation

October 5th : 7D Arcturians of the Light, DNA activation

November 9 th : 8D Orion, Lighttemples

December 7 th : 9D Central Sun, Spiritual and Cosmic Hierarchy, Andromedians

Time: 10.30 am.

Costs: €195,-

Costs: €20,-(per lesson)

Jaren ervaring

Hilda Heidsma werkt al meer dan 30 jaar met Subtiele energieën, Engelen en Lichtwezens.

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