The Six Realms (Lokas) of the Wheel of Life

Course 2026

Transforming Negative Emotions from Buddhist Psychology and Meditations.

Every human being is looking for Happiness in his life and wants to be free from Suffering. We often suffer in our lives from strong emotions that throw us off balance, cloud our thinking and cause us to act and speak in ways that we later regret. These emotions can so engross us that we forget our true Divine Nature. When we often repeat certain negative patterns of thinking, feeling, speaking and acting, ‘inner worlds’ of pain, suffering and fixation arise within ourselves. The six lokas can be seen as inner worlds, but also as outer worlds, which we can experience in this world, other worlds and the intermediate state.

In Buddhism, these fixation patterns, which obscure our pure consciousness, are called the six realms (lokas). The hallmark of each realm is a preoccupation with one emotional contraction, an emotion that is overreacted to with change, energy confrontation from without and/or within, rather than maintaining an opening and acceptance in the here and now, allowing all life force , creativity and open awareness can remain present.

In this course we will work with the six realms to learn to recognize our habitual patterns and to learn how to purify them through meditations. The meditations focus on the root cause of our suffering: Anger, Greed, Ignorance, Doubt, Jealousy and Pride. This allows deep Healing and Emotional Transformation to take place, so that we learn to stay emotionally balanced and become a freer and happier person.
The lessons consist of a Theory Part and a Meditation. Classes are once a month on six Saturdays and can be taken in my space in Amsterdam or via zoom. Classes start at 10:30 am

Dates 2026:
January 17th – The Hell Realm: Transformation of Anger into Love
February 14th – The Hungry Ghost Realm: Transform Greed into Generosity
March 13th – The Animal Kingdom: Transformation of Ignorance and Fear into Wisdom
April 11th – The Human Realm: Transformation of Doubt and Attachment into Direct Experience
May 16th – The Demigod Realm: Transformation of Jealousy into Openness
June 20th – The Realm of the Gods: Transformation of Pride and Laziness into Peace

Time: 10.30am – 12.30pm
Costs: €230,
* The tuition fee can be paid in installments in consultation, *

Hilda has 20 years of experience in Buddhist study and practice and has given Buddhist lectures and meditations for a number of years.

For more information and application: Hilda Heidsma – Alderman Ramstraat 28 – 1107CN Amsterdam
manvir.stardust@gmail.com020-4527101 /0620823344

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