Esoteric Healing Course

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Besides the physical body every person has a number of subtle bodies, that surround and penetrate the physical body. The subtle bodies are the etheric body, the emotional body, the mental body, the causal body and the spiritual bodies.
These subtle bodies form the blueprint for the physical body. Disturbances and blockages in the subtle bodies, lead to disturbances and blockages in the physical body. This could cause physical problems, disease, emotional and mental problems. On a higher level this can be seen, as that the soul or Divine essence is not able to express his energies and positive qualities through the lower form bodies.

Healing means to heal or to become whole. Esoteric healing means to become whole on the level of all the bodies and between all the bodies, so that the soul of Divine essence is able to manifest completely in our lives.
The first law of Esoteric healing is described as:
”All disease is the result of inhibited soul life”.
This is true for all forms in all kingdoms. The art of the healer consists in releasing the soul so that its life can flow through the aggregates of the organism which constitute any particular form.

In esoteric healing the healer works to rebalance the energy field of the person who asks for healing. The healer connects for this purpose with the Divine Source, the group-soul and the soul of the client, to offer help to resolve the inner conflict between personality and his inner spiritual self/ soul. The soul is seen as the healer of the form.

During this course we will work from the book of Esoteric Healing of Alice Bailey. This is a profound book over healing given by the Master Dwahl Kuhl. An Ascended Master specialized in energy work, earthly as well as planetary and cosmic energies.

Subjects in this course:

  • Invocation of the soul as the healer of the form, to bring the flow of soul’s light to every part of the personality and to discover in every person what is the cause that blocks his/her healing process.
  • Self consciousness and self healing.
  • To understand the subjective causes of diseases.
  • Subtle bodies and chakras.
  • The function and purpose of energy triangles.
  • To understand the ten laws and the six rules of Esoteric Healing.
  • How to connect the soul of the healer with the soul of the client.
  • Meditation and the building of the antakarana.
  • How to use Esoteric Healing together with complementary healing techniques, for example surgery or psychological consult.
  • The energetic causes of diseases.
  • The seven rays and their conditioning effect on diseases and health.
  • The purpose of the Group awareness.
  • The process of dying and death

Planned dates 2025:

Lesson time: Saturday from 10.30 to 13.30 h.

Dates : Jan. 11th., Feb. 8th. , March 8th., Apr. 5nd., May 3th., June 7th., July 12th., Sept. th., Oct. 4th., Nov. 8th., Dec. 6st. (11 lessons)
Lessons price: € 420,-

Wethouder Ramstraat 28, 1107CN Amsterdam South-East

For more information: Telephone 020 452 71 0 | E-mail: Hilda Heidsma

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