Dolphin Brain Repatterning

In a DBR session you receive a spiritual massage. DBR is a part of Pleiadian lightwork.

The purpose of DBR is to free the skeleton from holding patterns, that block your spontaneity and your freedom and block the flow of the cerebrospinal fluids. If the skeleton and the body are flexible and open, the person can react openly and spontaneous in every situation and deal easily with every shock/ trauma.

All the experiences that happen to you are recorded in the physical body. Experiences that we haven’t processed, together with learned survival and stress patterns can cause contractions in our muscles and bones. If during our lives we hold more and more contraction patterns, we can become more stiff and closed. Then our skeleton and consciousness has become more contracted and less open and free. By releasing contractions and emotional unresolved energies in the DBR treatment, we go slowly back to our original open and natural state.

What is a DBR treatment:

The healer does the massage together with the spiritual guides. You lie on the massage table wearing untied and comfortable clothes. A DBR balancing session is 1 hour. A complete DBR session is 1 to 1½ hours. The first 24 hours after the massage it is important to keep your state of relaxation as much as possible, so that the new healing-state can be absorbed in the body as deep as possible.
Costs: DBR balancing € 85,- Complete DBR € 100,-

Jaren ervaring

Hilda Heidsma werkt al meer dan 30 jaar met Subtiele energieën, Engelen en Lichtwezens.

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