Pleiadian Lightwork course FSP A – FSP D

The basic training is a good preparation for the pleiadian light work course.

During this course, you learn to develop your powers of clairvoyance, clear hearing, sensitive feelings perception and clear knowing (full sensory perception) in a more deep way.

During this course we work to develop your reading abilities in a deeper way. We use special healing techniques to heal energies and to remove disturbing energies that are not supposed to be in the personal aura and disturb the balance of the aura field.
The Pleiadian lightwork course consists of 4 parts of 8 days.

Full Sensory Perception (FSP)
This is a course where you learn to free yourself and others in a pleasant, quick and focused way from what keeps you to from being who you really are. You recognize your capacities, gifts, powers and potentials.

The course consists of 4 parts: FSP A, B, C and D.

During the FSP courses you learn to heal yourself and others together with the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light, the Sirian Archangels, the Ascended Masters and Angels form the Angel Hierarchies of the Light..

During FSP-A:

You learn to develop a subtle state of trance, to make contact with your Higher Self, removal of energy cords, parasites, entities and implants. Reading and healing of all layers of the aura field and the chakras. Connect with the Akasha records.

During FSP-B:

Healing of the subconscious level of the chakras. Deprogramming. Activation of the kundalini channels, healing of the subconscious, self sabotage parts and healing of the personality.

During FSP-C:

Healing of the astral body and the silver cord. Healing of past lives and genetic addictions. Deprogramming, blue print, cleaning the channels for higher powers and much more.

The dates for 2024:

FSP A : 2024
January 20 and 21st., February 17 and 18th, March 16 and 17th, April 13th and 14th

The dates of FSP B, FSP C and FSP D
will be provided later.

The lessons time are from 10.00 – 16.30 h.
The costs* per course part are: € 900,-

*It is possible to pay the lessons in terms.

For more information
click here [ Course Pleiadian Light work ] or call 020 – 452 71 01

Jaren ervaring

Hilda Heidsma werkt al meer dan 30 jaar met Subtiele energieën, Engelen en Lichtwezens.

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